Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mexican Fire Bean Soup (Actually not as spicy as the name, for 20-24 people)

Wondered what that awesome soup was on my parties?

Here's the recipe!

Prepare/add in that order:

400gOnions. Fry with 200g butter.
280gTomato puree and some Paprika powder.
400gRed and green peppers.
150-400mlSweet Chilli sauce. Try less first, maybe add more as you like.
2lMeat stock.
1lSweet cream bound with 4 table spoons of flour.
4Cans of red beans.
2Cans of sweetcorn.
1kgLean pork or beef. Cut in slices, fry with salt and pepper, add it.

Maybe add a little starch if it's too thin for your taste.

Serve with 0.5l sour cream.